What is a denturist?


Denturists are licensed by the Ontario Government to fabricate and fit dentures directly for their patients. Their practice is devoted to creating dentures that are comfortable, attractive and allow you to maintain a healthy mouth.

In order to practice, denturists must receive a license which is issued by the College of Denturists after an intense and demanding three-year program.

For the same work a dentist would do, denturists fees are quite lower. Dentists do not make your dentures; they send your impressions to a dental laboratory where your dentures are then made by a technician who has never met you or knows anything about your concerns regarding your dentures. As a result of the "middle man", you are charged considerably more. However, the denturist who treats you makes your dentures from start to finish because of their on-site laboratory. This not only reduces your cost, but also reduces the time involved in receiving new dentures. There is no referral necessary to see a denturist for treatment. They accept all dental insurance plans and may even accept credit cards. If a clinic visit is difficult, for whatever reason, special arrangements can be made for your denturist to come to you. Full or partial dentures, new or replacement, refit or repairs, whatever your requirements, see a denturist!