Choosing removable dentures on implants

There are many adults who are edentulous (without teeth). Wearing dentures is often a discomfort for those with little or no gums left from reabsorption (shrinking). Consider the difficulty involved in chewing when the loose denture is causing abrasion on the gums. As a result, not only the patient’s comfort, but also the quality of life can be adversely affected.

Fortunately, advancements in oral implantology can remedy the major problems that result from loose dentures.

An implant is an abutment (support) made of titanium, which has the property of adhering permanently to bony tissue. The technique was developed by a Swedish orthopedist, Dr. Branemark, and has been used successfully since 1965. The insertion of the oral implants is usually performed under local anesthetic by a dental surgeon. Although the thought of having dental surgery is not a pleasant one, the procedure is relatively painless.

The cost of over-dentures on implants is not generally covered by insurance; however, this investment in your quality of life is tax deductible, and therefore more affordable than it might seem. There is no tax on dentistry.

Speak to a denturist to find out if implants are right for you. Your case will be carefully evaluated with the rest of the dental care team to assure that your implant-supported denture will give you years of comfort.

For more information on implant supported dentures, or any of your denture concerns, contact your nearest denturist. (All information is provided by the Denturist Association of Canada).